How i work




Initiate developments.
Keep them moving.

Make. Change. Work.

A transformation and change process is not merely a decision, it happens.

And it affects everyone. It is a challenge, a task and (hard) work.

It makes high demands of the line, in projects and programmes –
with a transparent and clear mandate.

Design processes together -- in a co-creative way -- on an equal footing.

Keeping an eye on the positive effects and outcomes.

Create, use and make visible connections and experience.

Pochierte Eier mit Pfannen-Toast

Michael Kempf is able to anticipate circumstances quickly and work with managers with a great deal of empathy.

/  Fred Dillenberger - Head of Corporate Real Estate Management - SMA Solar Technology AG  /


Examples of my work.


The customer: a growing, private public transport operator in the political regulated market with international stakeholders and a heterogeneous, decentralised structure. The challenge was to realign the company‘s organisational structures to make it future proof and secure its opportunities for growth. Options for efficient and flexible organisational structures were developed with an internal project team and decision reached. Management received support to develop the business case vis a vis the stakeholders. A suitable change process was designed and initiated, the new organisation and new ways of working were gradually introduced into the Departments and organisational units.

Formats: interviews, meetings with decision-makers, workshops, presentations, large group interventions, pulse checks, ...



The customer scenario: a global pharmaceuticals group takes over a main part of a competitor and wants to integrate this into an existing business unit. The post-merger integration is planned and implemented in the main markets using methodology specific to each country. The implementation plan (incorporating both products + personnel) is expanded to include cultural and leadership dimensions, which are aligned with each other. In addition to designing and operationalising the roadmap, the main services provided by the consultancy are coaching the decision-makers and key figures and managing the project. Situations and communication critical for success during the transition are designed. Tailored formats and tools for the transformation process are designed and implemented jointly by the management and consul ant.

Formats: meetings with decision-makers, design and review of road maps, workshops and awaydays, large group interventions, team development, coaching



Customer specification: a multi-functional team with international responsibility has recently been constituted and has to hit the ground running in a volatile and complex environment and company situation and deliver high performance in terms of optimisation of collaboration and decision-making capacity.

The external view is incorporated in the diagnosis by means of structured interviews, the direction and focus is developed using a concentrated and compact team development process and the implementation made operational. In parallel, working styles within the team and the cooperation and communication process is reflected upon and improved. Realisation is monitored using structured reviews.

Formats: structured interviews, workshops, coaching for team leaders